Sunday, 22 February 2015



Are you one of those people who counts down the days until the newest MAC collection is out, and frantically makes your way to the nearest counter / computer the moment it is released? Admittedly, I'm pretty sure I would be if I had a store close by, but my nearest counter is not near at all, and I rarely order makeup online without seeing it in real life first.
This isn't great for me, but is probably best for my bank statement. I'm gutted I missed some launches, like Rihanna's (Riri Woo looks like my perfect red lipstick, time to hit ebay).

In rare cases, if really desperate, I'll order online and just hope for the best. My favourite collection was Disney's Venomous Villains, because I love me some Disney, and the packaging is just amazing. I got my hands on some items, but most sold out really quickly. I know several pieces from this collection are being sold on ebay, so if you are interested I'd check there. Beware of fakes though! I've heard some bad stories about fakes being sold, however I generally think it is obvious if you carefully study the packaging.  

Do you have a favourite MAC collection? 
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